Advancing Sight Network announced today that the nonprofit organization will partner with Southern Eye Bank in Metairie, LA. The partnership allows both eye banks a wider reach and expanded resources to serve their communities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Southern Eye Bank and have them join our network,” says Alan Blake, president and CEO of Advancing Sight Network. “Our goal is to restore eyesight and be good stewards of the gift of donated eye tissue. We are excited to serve more people and partner with an eye bank that has been doing that so well for over 75 years.”

Advancing Sight Network is the only eye bank serving the state of Alabama. Over the last three years, the organization has uniquely partnered with Midsouth Eye Bank in Memphis, TN, and Mississippi Lions Eye Bank in Flowood, MS, with the purpose of enhancing the services provided to all communities while maintaining the name, history, and local impact these partners have long provided.

Advancing Sight Network has served the state of Alabama for over 50 years, providing donated eye tissue for corneal transplant surgeries. Partnering with eye banks in new regions expands the reach and resources of each eye bank without sacrificing the quality care and service provided to local communities.

“Together we are able to combine resources and efficiencies to recover more tissue, provide more tissue for transplants, and increase our involvement in ocular research to cure blinding diseases,” says Blake.

“Our team will process tissue at both the Southern Eye Bank office and the Advancing Sight Network office,” adds Kyle Mavin, Chief Clinical Officer. “This enhances the quality of tissue placement, giving recipients the best opportunity for a positive outcome.”

“It’s all about restoring eyesight in the best ways we can and honoring the gift of donation,” says Blake.

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