Advancing Sight Network has been serving our community for over 50 years.

We are honored to have a strong history of being one of the top eye banks in the United States and continue to strive towards excellence to bring vision to as many people as we can.

To date, Advancing Sight has recovered almost 100,000 tissues for transplant, research and training.

The first successful corneal transplant was performed.

America’s first eye bank was established in New York.

The first efforts to establish an eye bank in Alabama were made by Dr. Eugene de Juan and Eugenia Walker Metzler, RN, in Mobile; and Drs. Stephen Grant and Christopher Kelly in Birmingham.

Alabama Lions Eye Bank was accredited by the Eye Bank Association of America.

The Alabama Eye Bank (now Advancing Sight Network) becomes a contributing member of the Eye Bank Association of America.

Advancing Sight Network launches Advancing Sight Global, an effort to provide eye tissue to surgeons who operate in areas of the world where there are not enough corneas to meet the demand.

The Alabama Eye Bank becomes Advancing Sight Network to reflect its growing areas of service and partnership with Midsouth Eye Bank in Memphis, TN. The Precision Ocular Biobank is founded to advance ocular research and the discovery of cures for blinding diseases.

Advancing Sight Network moves its Huntsville office to the campus of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology to enhance our research partnerships and partnered with Kailos Genetics to find genetic links to blinding eye diseases.


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