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Advancing Sight Network is committed to delivering the highest quality eye tissue possible to transplant surgeons, research entities, hospitals, and overseas partners.


The Best Part of the Job – LaPrintence’s Motivation

The main reason that I do this job is that it gives me the ability to be a part of an organization that positively impacts the lives of families in countries all over the world. Eyesight is often taken for granted when it functions properly, but once it begins to wane every aspect of someone’s life can be impacted.

Helping to Do The Final Great Deed of Her Mother – Sara’s Story

“My mother passed away when I was a child. She could only donate her eyes because of the cancer. I started doing this job out of the curiosity that grew out of that experience. At the time I didn’t understand what it meant to donate. Her cancer began when she was only 25, and she passed away at the tender age of 38. 

June Joins the #CommunityofCompassion

“There were two tiny kittens left in a landfill. They were only about 2 weeks old, and they were covered in fleas and brake fluid. I’m working from home during Covid, so I was able to take them in and bottle feed them. I named them Tiger and Rocky. Once they were clean, I noticed their eyes did not look normal. I contacted Kitty Kat Haven, and they helped me see an eye specialist.

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