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Military Mom Remembers Son’s Last Act of Service: Kristin Beauchamp’s Story

“We are focusing on projects that would have meant something to Patrick, and this desire, to be an organ donor, came directly from him. If we can help generate more awareness about eye tissue and organ donation, then maybe some families won’t have to feel what we feel. If anything good can come out of losing Patrick, I want to hold on to that with every fiber of my being. It helps bring meaning to all of this.”

Laura’s Legacy for her Children: A Story of Selfless Service

“I can’t express enough how grateful we are that her desire to help lives on, just like she would have wanted,” Rachael wrote. “Know that she would have loved you simply for being you, as she loved every single person who was a part of her life. Now you will always be loved by us and a part of our lives.”

A New View of Life: Rachel’s Path to Restored Sight

“I find myself on a beautiful day outside closing my eye and seeing the world through my donor eye,” Rachel remarked. “So that I can always remember what a gift it is to be able to see, and how someone can truly make an impact in a stranger’s life.”

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