Focused on Purpose

Advancing Sight is focused on our purpose, the life-changing impact made in a person’s life when the gift of sight is restored. The ripples of impact touch into a whole community as the donor family and recipient are connected in this moment of generosity.

Our commitment is to this effort, to advancing sight around the world, offering the very best tissue to our network of surgeons, hospitals, and partners around the world. We can’t do this alone, so we stand together with our partners to advance sight, be it through transplantation, education, or research.

We are a federally regulated, licensed and accredited 501-C3 not-for-profit organization. Our headquarters are based in Birmingham and have regional offices in Huntsville, Montgomery & Mobile. Our mission is about the restoration of sight, through the timely recovery, excellent processing and efficient distribution of the highest quality of eye tissue for transplantation, ophthalmic research and training. We are honored to have a strong history of being one of the top eye banks in the United States and continue to strive towards excellence to bring vision to as many as we can.


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