Wesley Thompson, CEBT
Southern Eye Bank Executive Director

2701 Kingman Street
Metairie, LA 70006
Phone: 504.891.3937
Fax: 504.891.2401

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Southern Eye Bank, is a 501(c) 3, non-profit eye bank that provides eye tissue for transplant, research and education in Louisiana, the United States and throughout the world in pursuit of its mission to spread the gift of sight. 

With the assistance of civic and philanthropic groups in our community such as Louisiana State Elks, Southern Eye Bank was founded on June 7, 1947 and became the third oldest eye bank in the United States. Southern Eye Bank is a fully accredited charter member of the Eye Bank Association of America. 

In addition to community service and donor awareness projects, Southern Eye Bank has assisted more than 56,000 people with receiving the Gift of Sight in dedication to our mission. 

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Jenny Babineaux
Chief Administrative Officer

P (205) 540-3361
F  888-817-7785

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