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In 2008, Advancing Sight Network launched Advancing Sight Global, an effort to provide eye tissue to surgeons who operate in areas of the world where there are not enough corneas to meet the demand. We are able to use eye tissue that would otherwise be discarded to meet needs globally. Recipients in 56 countries have been able to undergo sight saving surgeries through our Advancing Sight Global program.

A secondary goal of Advancing Sight Global is to provide fresh tissue for keratoplasty to surgeons located in areas of the world where there are not enough corneas to meet the needs of their patients.  We serve as a collection point for US eye banks with extra tissue to offer and are experienced with shipping these precious gifts all over the world.

Medical Advisory Board

  • Roswell R. Pfister, MD (Medical Director)
  • Christopher A. Girkin, MD, MSPH
  • Michael Bauer, MD
  • Tyler Hall, MD
  • Christine A. Curcio, PhD
  • Priscilla Fowler, MD
  • Eric Wigton, MD

Tissue Services

Processed Tissue
DSAEK//Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty
Using a microkeratome that provides a planar cut offering a smoother posterior stromal bed

DMEK//Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty
Tissue prepared adhering to strict aseptic technique using validated procedures in either a certified clean room or laminar flood hood. 

Unprocessed Tissue
PKP//Penetrating Keratoplasty
Standard full thickness grafts can be offered according to specific criteria. This transplant involves the surgical removal of the central two-thirds of the damaged cornea. This area is replaced with clear, healthy donor tissue, which is held in place by sutures. It is used with success in patients with decreased visual acuity secondary to corneal opacity, in the treatment of corneal thinning or perforation, for the removal of non responding infectious foci and for the relief of pain.

ALK//Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
Partial thickness grafts used for anterior corneal diseases or scars. This procedure selectively replaces the front part of the cornea when it is scarred or distorted and is less invasive than a full thickness graft. The main advantage is that the patient’s own endothelium is retained, which eliminates the risk of endothelial graft rejection, and preserves endothelial cell density. Your eye will be stronger after surgery and you will be able to resume normal activities sooner.

KLAL//Keratolimbal Allografts
Cornea and limbal stem cells transplanted for ocular surface disorders.

For emergency use in trauma, burns or ulcers.

Long-Term Preservation

Validated Aseptic Glycerol Preservation
GlycerolPlus Corneas allow donated corneas not suitable for cornea transplant to provide coverage for glaucoma shunt. GPCs offer better cosmesis due to the clear tissue and results in less erosions. When rehydrated, the cornea swells allowing easy dissection of the stroma to obtain desired thickness.

Validated Alcohol Preservation
Every tissue undergoes rigorous screening tests to ensure patient safety. Donor Eligibility meets the strict donor screening and laboratory testing specifications of the source eye bank and the requirements of the Eye Bank Association (EBAA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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