Purple Heart Day:
A Celebration of our Global Impact

Maggie always ended her text messages with a purple heart.

She was fifteen years old when she tragically passed away, but her generosity is still making an impact on the world because she chose to become a cornea donor. Her gift had a global impact, restoring sight to a mom who lives overseas. Read Maggie’s story

On August 23, Maggie’s birthday, we are celebrating the global impact made by cornea donors like Maggie. The gift of eye tissue restores eyesight worldwide as Advancing Sight Network sends donated eye tissue to 56 countries.

Here’s how you can honor Maggie and restore eyesight globally by celebrating Purple Heart Day: 

  • Send a text to your friends and family encouraging them to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors. End your message with a purple heart. 💜
  • Post on your social media letting others know how important it is to be a donor. End with a purple heart. 💜
  • Make a financial gift in memory of Maggie or someone you know who was a donor. Your gift will be used to restore eyesight globally. 💜 

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