The need for eyecare in Kenya is overwhelming.

Often, simple medical procedures that we may take for granted in the United States are all that is needed to restore sight. Dr. Ben Roberts, a medical missionary serving at Tenwek Hospital, frequently receives eye tissue at no cost to perform surgeries to those in desperate need for help.

Dr. Roberts needs skilled professional with a passion for eye care to work with him in his clinic and operating room. People like Rebecca Lusaka.

Rebecca developed a passion for restoring sight during her undergraduate studies. After completing medical school, Rebecca began working for Dr. Roberts, and was accepted into an ophthalmology residency program. Upon completion of her residency, Rebecca will return to work side-by-side with Dr. Roberts in restoring eyesight to the people they serve.

In 2022, we made our first ever Global Grant of $14,000 to Dr. Roberts. Would you consider a gift that allows our global humanitarian partners like Dr. Roberts to meet the urgent need for quality eyecare in places like Kenya? You gift is a step towards eliminating unnecessary blindness that is so prevalent among those with limited access to eyecare.

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