Donna_Tankersley_letter_WEBDear Recipient Family,

Hello. My name is Donna. My husband of 52 years was an organ donor. Due to his illness his corneas were the only thing the medical team could use. My children and I hope his donation will help someone to see or improve someone’s vision. Chester was an avid bird-watcher. This was a large part of his daily routine. He would purchase several types of bird food, in order to draw all types of birds to our many feeders. If he saw a bird that he wasn’t familiar with, he would immediately get out one of his bird books. He would spend hours looking up the strange bird and learning all he could about it. He loved the “winter on the lake” just as he loved the springs and the summers. He would always tell others that spoke about going to the Smokey Mountains in the fall to see the beautiful colored leaves, “Just come to my house, and save your money.” He loved people and it showed every day of his life. He was active in three square dance clubs and always made sure that everyone got to dance, even the ladies without partners.

Being able to see all the beautiful things around us is so wonderful within itself. Hopefully his thinking of others, his generosity, and his love for people and the beauty of this world is going to help someone else see things through his eyes.


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